Two attitudes can define the success or failure of an Individual Entrepreneur.

Two attitudes can define the success or failure of an Individual Entrepreneur.

First – take loan without financial awareness and the costs involved in your productive processes, often the entrepreneur take out loan without doing a thorough analysis of your expenses and on the efficiency of your earning generators, if the calculations are not well summarized, the end of the story can be disastrous.

Second – another determining factor is a problem as critical as not having budgetary control of costs, what happens most among entrepreneurs is the total or partial lack of the maturities of the accounts, besides the denial of payments of taxes that cause the default of at least half of the EI in Brazil.

We all know that being an Entrepreneur is not an easy task. In addition to the work dynamics that require effort and continuous creativity, compliance with tax payments is very important for your company to have the expected success. However, data indicate that 55% of individual entrepreneurs in Brazil do not pay their taxes on time or fail to pay. The major concentration of delinquency is in the Northeast of the country.

Failure to pay may make it impossible for the entrepreneur to enjoy the social security benefits attributed to him. These include retirement, sick leave and maternity leave. And the problems do not end there! The Individual Entrepreneur who does not pay current taxes can still be excluded from Simples Nacional, besides having the name of the entrepreneur included in the active debt of the Union.

It is worth mentioning that with the passage of time, the debt may even jeopardize your CPF, which will be invalid. Not to mention the interest rates that grow each year, the existing debt will not only remain but may also increase implying in your future negotiations.

For you to understand better, the Individual Entrepreneur is a legal figure instituted by the General Law of the Micro and Small Business, which aims to facilitate the formalization of self-employed. When you choose to become an EI, you automatically have the right to social security coverage, access to credit, you can participate in bids and issue invoices. This category is directed to companies with annual sales of up to R $ 60,000, with at most one employee, without a partner or affiliate.

And do not forget that as well as tax return statements it is necessary that you make the Annual National Simples National Declaration each year. Failure to submit this documentation within the specified timeframe also means a major setback for you and your company. This will cause your National Registry of Legal Entities to become irregular as well as your CPF.

In order for you to always stay within declarations and your taxes, you can follow your company’s step by step online. At, the Individual Entrepreneur can see all of his current and what is open tickets and make the payment in the Pague Fácil, Lotéricas or bank branches networks. Be careful not to accumulate your accounts, as the back taxes are not parceled out.

As for the loans, just have an active checking account at a bank of your own and keep a proper move.